A brief introduction to the Knox County Veterans Treatment Court Program…

Based upon the success of the Knox Recovery Court* and a pronounced need to address challenges unique to our veterans, the Knox County Veterans Treatment Court Program utilizes the same rigorous protocol of treatment and personal accountability to treat veterans suffering from a substance abuse and/or mental health disorder, while helping ensure public safety.

The Knox County Veterans Treatment Court Program offers coordinated substance abuse and mental health to veterans in the criminal justice system. Each veteran in Veterans Treatment Court is assigned a substance abuse counselor, who is a veteran himself. Veteran participants are provided veteran-specific sessions as well as have access to the sessions provided other recovery court participants.

KCVTC provides these integrated services through partnerships with area organizations devoted to helping veterans. Participants in this program come before the VTC Judge on a regular basis, receive support and guidance from veteran mentors, are supervised by partnering probation officers and receive treatment and support from the providers who provide services to the Veteran Participants. Issues to be addressed include but are not limited to PTSD and substance dependence.

The KCVTC services provided to the veterans in Knox County will allow fewer of these veterans to languishing in our already over-crowded corrections system with a greater goal of breaking the cycle of addiction that landed them in the legal system.

Referral Process

  • There are 3 Application forms with instructions necessary for initiating referrals. The forms can be requested by calling (865) 329-0363 ext 101 & 102 or are available online at www.KnoxDrugCourt.org.
  • Return the completed forms to the KCVTC or fax them directly to our Office at (865) 522-0567.
  • The application forms are completed, a screening is then completed, and this information will be reviewed by the KCVTC Office.
  • The KCVTC Team will then discuss the acceptance and placement of the referred individual.
  • The KCVTC strives to make timely admission decisions. However, if other information is needed, or if appropriate types of services need to be arranged, additional time will be needed.
  • In the event that you have questions, please feel free to contact the KCVTC Office.